Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

My heavy head

I am just sober from my highest night.
I remember everything i have done, but i don't remember why.
Its already 8 am in Thamrin, Central Jakarta.
I open my message box, with something bad feeling
"Again? Damn it!"
I randomly tipsy texting you again.
This time, i feel no guilty!
I do really miss you.
I throw my phone and prepare myself to work.
I just finish with my eyeliner when you send and text message

"Haha, i'm sorry! I was on plane last night!"

On plane?
What plane?
You promise to tell me when you will left, right?

"Where did you went by plane?"
"London. But i'm still in Abu Dhabi waiting for my flight"
"You in Abu Dhabi right now?"
"Yeah! Kind of"
"You already go to London?"
"Without saying goodbye?"
"Ohh yaaa sorry about that!"
"But you promise"
"Yeah, and i forget! Sorry"

I am tired.
I know i'll be fighting alone for us!
But, i never know it will be this exhausted!
My eyes getting wet. And my bone breaking down.
My heavy head, getting heavier than before.
My heavy head, sinking me down to mother earth.
My heavy head, killing me and everything about you.
My heavy head.. O... My head

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