Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Dear My Friend

My Friend,
My Dearest Friend,
Its almost a half years we don't share a things each other,
You are gone, we lost you in the middle of nowhere!!

My Friend,
My Dearest Friend,
We all know your secret,
We talk about it behind your neck,
With laugh, with smirk, we make some jokes sometimes (i know its rude, sorry)
But, we miss you
We really miss you,
I know someday you just gonna tell us,
So we can laugh together,

My Friend,
My Dearest Friend,
Don't hide it,
We still love you,
and we want you to be proud with who you are,
just like Lady Gaga said,

"God Has No Mistake, we are in the right track!!"
"No matter gay, straight or bi lesbian, transgendered life you are on the right track, baby, you was born to survive"

My Friend,
My dearest friend,
You are still our friend right?

*sepenggal kisah/prosa/puisi/cerpen/karya tulis/atau apalah (you name it) dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris seadanya ini hanyalah untuk penyemangat teman-teman kita yang diluar sana masih sungkan atau malu untuk bergaul karena merasa "beda", kita memang terlahir berbeda tapi ingat kitalah yang sempurna!*
*jenis tulisan: fiksi (yeah fiksi, kayak sepeda gaul) yang memotivasi (yeah motivasi, kayak mario teguh)*