Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013


G: "Sometimes i just don't know what i feel and my world seems better that way"
F: "you know what you feel, you just don't admitted that exist!"
G: "Pfftt, FEELING, i don't know if people still use that!"
F: "Still, and among us, you use them often"
G: "Yeah, i use them often, correct, of course you know me better than myself" (wink) (sarcasm)
F: "You just don't admitted, and the real question is, why you don't admitted?"
G: "First, because i have nothing to admit, second, i hate feeling, i use them once, and i admitted so bravely, and, you know, people ruin it! It broke me! And i hate to see myself broken. That's why!!"
F: "People always gonna hurt you, and don't admitted just gonna hurt you more"
G: "Ehm... no i am not! People use other people as their station. People are basically a traveler, they love to leave as much as they said they love to stay, so, why you wasting yourself with use some sort of feeling and you know it's gonna hurt you because you actually sure that they are not staying long enough for you. Why you just enjoy the time, admit nothing, and see the next stop together, and leave each other."
F: "What if you are stuck each other? What if your own station became someone's home, and so on contraire?"
G: "......... i don't know about that........."

-Y! Messenger chat, Saturday, 25 October 2013, 1.45 am until 2.30 am (translated in English), and i just want to sleep.

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