Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

So Doomed

I failed on my thesis
I am not yet finish my internship
My only excitment concert this year been cancel
I had crush and i "crush" it because i had another feeling with other... which is already a father *well this one is not actually true... i mean not precisely true... but it still true... but not empirically true... but it still true... just hypothetically true... because it had cool rhyme huh*

The Script

Thank you for your visiting, and this post is all about my imaginary conversation. Were happen in New York's Subway, in late spring with unpredictable weather, everywhere smell like rain and Subway stinks. So every event and character in this script are fiction.

"Me" is a young woman who now in Senior College and had internship in some media company. "You" is somebody that she just to know, unsuspectedly she kind a like him. Because he has everything she wants to be her man... he is old enough for her... at first, he just morning friends in her way to office but it their conversation always makes everything seems great for her in a whole day... he has perfectly a height, a same religious, a job, everything is great... until she find out that he has an extra perfect life that she never expected. And this is their first conversation after almost a week that she ignoring him, abandoning him. And she thinks, this is the right time.

They just know each other for a while... not like a friend nor more than just a friend... if i (writer) can tell you where they are know... they in unknown-and-dont know-how to-zone



Me : (Staring fakely confident and had awkward smile hidden from her mask) "So, hi, how are?" (her tiny eyes looking through his glases and staring his cool-unshaving-hairy face)
You: (being good looking and tall and smells good) "Good"
Me : *take adeep breath* "And how was your kids?"
You: *staring uncertainty*coughing*straighten your glases* "they great.. great.. just"
Me : *clearing throat* "so does your wife is?"
You: *starring unbelievably* "No... no wife..."*start act un-naturally* "how?"
Me : "Friends checking on me... well i thought it was bad idea but i had to know you lil bit more... and suprisingly they got more than just lil bit... they got everything that i don't even know" *close her face with her palm* "God i wish i know it in better way"
You: "i'm trying to tell you..."
Me : "in very first place... when you came and tell me your name..."
You: "Like what? huh... so you wish i came to... you... stranger that i have been seeing for a while, pluck some courage and 'Oh no the train is late again, bdw, Hello, i'm steve, i had two kids, so whats your name?'"
Me : "Can you hear how great is that"
You: *staring unbelievably* "excuse me?"
Me : "well i know you don't have to tell every stranger that you've been seeing around and tell them you have a kids, i just... i don't know... i wish i know it sooner... not from my obsessing friends playing CSI on you"*silent* "they are really great friends..."
You: "so you know it... thats why you playing 'i don't know who he is but i know he has a kids' for whole week"
Me : *silently high pitching her voice*"no...oh noo..please don't... your kids, they look adorable, and handsome from your instagram. But its you... this week... i need it... for cleaning out my head... *lowing her voice* figuring out who i am.... because i kind a like you... i like you so much... i know i'm fool, but i though you might be feel the same... i telling you all my problem... i let you know... because i want you know... but now i know you don't have same feeling... you keep it this beatiful creature out of my knowledge... i feel nobody..." *silent* "sorry for such a girl"
*long silent*
You: "no you don't... my bad... it must be because my habit... i caring out two boys all by myself... three years and five years old... i don't know how to deal with... i don't know how it feel to have a girl" *smile and dry laugh*
Me: *laughing as dry as him*offering her hand*"so friends?"
You : *taking her hands, shake it firmly* take deep breath* "friend" *curving his lips*
*camera blurring*voice shading*
Me : *relaxing her body in the subway stasion dirty chair in very next to him*smiling widely* "so, want to tell me where is their mother?"
You: *move his body facing to her*start tell a story with full of enthusiasm* "well, now, we kind a ... (voice slowly gone) (voice of train come near) (voice of people walking and chatting) (voice of operator)

-----------------------------------------THE SCRIPT #1--------------------------------------

Because, people, (quoting from Amalia Sekarjati) Perfect is overarted. but for me, is not overated to have perfect friends.

Ps: i love you Putri Natalia and Ramadhina. :DD